Former NFL Quarterback calls Johnny Manziel a 'baby' after obscene gesture

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Johnny Manziel in action for the Cleveland Browns
Johnny Manziel in action for the Cleveland Browns.

The controversy surrounding Johnny Manziel continues after the Cleveland Browns quarterback was caught flipping off the Washington Redskins sideline in the pre-season contest on Monday.

Johnny Football showed some flashes of brilliance that persuaded the Browns to spend a first round pick on the 21-year-old but struggled on many occasions throughout his performance, however it wasn't his play that made the headlines.

The former Heisman Trophy winner made an obscene gesture towards the Washington sideline in a taunting fashion which underlined the lack of maturity that Manziel continues to showcase.

He finished the day with 7 completions from 16 passes, going for 65 yards and a touchdown but interest in the game surrounded Manziel bizarre heckling of the Redskins and opinions on his maturity continue to be debated.

Now former NFL signal caller Boomer Esiason has blasted the quarterback and didn't shy away from calling Manziel out.

Esiason stated to CBS New York that: "Yeah, OK. You're gonna get wrecked, son. You know, the NFL is about as unforgiving a place as there is on God's green earth. It is a men's place. It is for people that have a very, very strong constitution. ... Whether or not you can handle it is going to be determined by your maturity level. And right now, this kid is a baby."

If you haven't already witnessed the image of Manziel throwing up the V's to the opposition, then check out the picture that SportsCenter tweeted out alongside the caption: "Johnny Manziel's rough night will be remembered for one moment over anything else..."

Manziel is currently in a position battle with Brian Hoyer for the starting quarterback job with the Cleveland Browns, despite his rocky night, Manziel far outplayed Hoyer who only managed two completions from six attempts for 16 yards.

However, Esiason who knows what is required for a quarterback in the NFL does not believe that the former Texas A&M Aggie is ready for the starting role.

He explained: "I'm telling you right now, he is not even remotely close to being ready, If he opened as the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh in Week 1, he would get his a– kicked. And his a– would be driven into the ground. Because I'm telling you, other teams hate this guy. Hate him."

Very strong words from the Cincinnati Bengal who held nothing back when ranting about Manziel's prospects in the NFL.

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