Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods join Jimmy Fallon for chipping contest

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Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic
Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

Arguably the two most recognisable golfers in the world joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show to compete in a 'Facebreakers' chipping contest.

On Monday night, the studio of the Tonight Show welcomed Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods to a little game of 'Facebreakers' in which Jimmy Fallon aided by the caddy of Woods would face off against the the worlds number one golfer McIlroy in a chipping contest.

The object of the game was simple, McIlroy and Fallon would have to take small chip shots in order to break glass panels which depicted their oppositions face upon it.

Tiger would conduct himself as the coach of Jimmy Fallon, Woods would have been booked on the Tonight Show before he decided to take a leave of absence from golf to recover from injury, although he performed admirably as the hosts caddy for the contest.

It didn't take long for McIlroy to show the same form that has seen him win two majors this calendar year as the Northern Irishman hit a glass panel with Fallon's face on his very first attempt.

Fallon explained before that he would blame any loss in the contest on Woods who simply replied with: "Dude...I'm sorry," when McIlroy proceeded to call top right and hit the target immediately.

The contest became frantic as the horn sounded and both men went on a rampage of each other's glass faces, Fallon held his own for much of the competition but it was to be the 25-year-old's day as McIlroy was to finish the game first.

McIlroy is very much used to being presented with golf trophies recently and he received the 'Face Breaker Cup' which was revealed to already have his name engraved on it, much to the displeasure of host Fallon, who laughed at the fact his studio had no faith in his golf ability.

Woods seemed comfortable to stand by as McIlroy once again lofted a competition victory as the passing of the torch as the dominant golfer in the world seems to continue.

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