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England win Women’s Rugby World Cup

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Emily Scarratt shedding a tackler  (©GettyImages)
Emily Scarratt shedding a tackler (©GettyImages).

England’s national rugby team, the Red Roses, won 21-9 over the Canadian national team.

The Red Roses only had a five point led coming into the last ten minutes of the match. Luckily for England they had centre/full-back Emily Scarratt.

Scarratt took over the last ten minutes of the match and the Red Roses’ lead ballooned to the twelve point victory they ultimately achieved.

Scarratt made several game changing plays, scoring a try and converting her kick at goal, a short while later she scores again in the form of a drop goal.

Although, the Red Roses maintained control for the majority of the match, the Canadian team stayed in it till the final five minutes.

"We've had to work today - Canada were fantastic - and it's amazing to think we've done it," Red Roses captain Katy Mclean. In the group stages of the women’s Rugby World Cup England play to a draw with Canada, 13-13.

Without Emily Scarratt, England would likely have lost their fourth consecutive women’s rugby world cup final. In 2002, 2006 and 2010 the Red Roses lost to the New Zealand national team in the tournament finals. England’s only previous World Cup title came in 1994.

“We've worked so hard for this, and there are so many great legends that have gone before us that haven't won in an England shirt, and [this championship is] for all of them who are here today," Katy Mclean explained.

The most inspirational aspect of the Red Roses title hunt is many of the players took unpaid leave from their regular employment so to represent England in the world cup. Ultimately, the dedication of these incredible women led England to a world cup victory.

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