Just when you thought that Boston didn’t have anything up their sleeve, the Red Sox have finally been able to ink the elusive Cuban prospect Rusney Castillo.

Castillo had played internationally and at the Cuban Pro level but has not actively since 2012. That didn’t seem to matter to anyone though as the stocky (5 foot 9, 205 pounds) player drew in 28 scouts from the total 30 MLB teams over the last couple of weeks at his showcase.

The reported frontrunners to sign Rusney included powerhouse teams such as the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. But other teams such as the Seattle Mariners were also reported to be tabling serious talks with the 27 year old.

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7 Years, $72m

The deal is being described as a 7-year, $72 million dollar contract; the details regarding arbitration or possible contract options have not been revealed as of yet. The contract sets a new record for amateur deals beating out the contract signed by Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox (who also happens to be Cuban) from last year.

The influx of breakout stars from Cuba including names like Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes, and Abreu, lead many to believe that this is what motivated the Red Sox. Not to mention that Boston was reported to have bid and were very high on Abreu, who they failed to acquire.

Castillo's Locker

Castillo is described as a player with speed has his best tool along with surprising bat power; some of his concerns have been about his swing speed and the length of it as well as his quote on quote “average” arm. It has not been widely discussed as to where he will play but many analysts expect him to see a lot of time in the outfield especially at center field.

Rumors were also going around the Rusney Castillo would be sent down to the minor leagues but that has not been confirmed either; although the new signee has said that he would like to play Major League ball.

We will keep tabs on the Castillo situation and update as we can, but until then stick with GiveMeSport for more MLB news.

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