Georges St-Pierre may never return to the UFC

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GSP is on an extended break from the UFC that may yet become permanent (©GettyImages)
GSP is on an extended break from the UFC that may yet become permanent (©GettyImages).

UFC legend, Georges St-Pierre says he is unlikely to ever return to the UFC unless the organisation install independent drug testing.

St-Pierre has been one of the biggest advocates against doping and walked away from the sport at a point where he was the UFC's biggest draw and their welterweight champion.

Since his departure from the UFC post-UFC 167, where he controversially beat Johny Hendricks, St-Pierre has been outspoken on the issue of drugs but his most recent comments are perhaps the biggest indicator yet to the extent of the issue.

Strict testing or no competing

Speaking in an interview with BloodyElbow.com, St-Pierre declared that without a major independent tester like USADA, VADA or WADA, he wouldn't compete in the Octagon again.

"I will never fight again in MMA without my opponent and myself being thoroughly tested for the most advanced PEDs by a credible independent anti-doping organization like VADA or USADA under the strictest standards of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) Code."

The issue of performance enhancing drugs is certainly the dividing factor for St-Pierre and while he hasn't called out anyone in particular for drug usage - his semi-retirement is an indicator that he has doubts within his own weight class and who is reaching the top.

While St-Pierre says he's enjoying the talent and skills of new fighters coming through, PEDs are a major issue that affect the sport from top to bottom.

"The use of PEDs in the sport. A true martial artist must respect his opponent and fight clean." Said the Canadian fighter on his most negative aspect of the sport.

Tougher testing is coming through

Fans of St-Pierre shouldn't despair though as the UFC has taken steps to introduce better testing and are currently working on developing an organisation wide system.

Michael Bisping and Cung Le are underwent sting ahead of their Fight Night 48 bout in Macau, China and fighters like Tim Kennedy are asking for all their opponents to undergo stricter testing before they agree to the fight.

It's a step in the right direction, but there is cause for concern after Dana White balked after the $3-4 million asking fee for year-long drugs testing from a third party a couple months ago.

While that figure may be steep, it's a drop in the pond really for how much the UFC earns and until the UFC gets truly serious on drugs testing then it's only going to be holding the sport back.

Georges St-Pierre
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