Are the San Francisco 49ers losing it right now?

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Kaepernick signed for a whopping six-year, $126 million dollars extension over the 2014 offseason. (©GettyImages)
Kaepernick signed for a whopping six-year, $126 million dollars extension over the 2014 offseason. (©GettyImages).

The San Francisco 49ers were a great team during their heyday in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Then came a less than successful period which lasted a number of years before a recent turnaround which has 49ers fans hoping for some good years ahead.

It would be a huge understatement to say that this team has been on a “roller-coaster ride”.

But since trading their 2005 1st Overall Draft Pick, Quarterback Alex Smith, the team has been rejuvenated and made strong deep runs into the playoffs. But after an improvement in fortunes the San Fran franchise have struggled this preseason.

Preseason worries

Unfortunately for this historic team, they have not even registered a single touchdown on offense this preseason.

The squad’s success has previously come from their young upstart QB Colin “Kap” Kaepernick - his blend of electric running while having an absolute cannon for an arm has made their offense that much scarier.

Then you have to look at their astounding defense, with arguably the best tandem and two best inside linebackers in Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman. And we don’t want to leave out the always solid Frank Gore at running back and Vernon Davis at tight end.

When these pieces have clicked, this team has done well, really (I stress really here) well.

So why hasn't it clicked yet?

One could argue that maybe it was the big extension that has gotten to Kap who signed for a whopping six-year, $126 million dollars extension. Others have brought up that there is lack of chemistry with the offensive line since letting their center Jonathan Goodwin go to New Orleans during the summer.

While analysts have said that the decline of now 31 year old back Frank Gore is a big contributing factor to the struggles of the starters.

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In short, there is a seemingly endless number of quote un quote “conspiracy theories” to explain the team’s preseason shortcomings.

But two things to keep in mind here are; that the team does not look good and if they can’t fix what’s going wrong than this team will feel the wrath of Arizona, St. Louis, and Seattle with their “Legion of Boom”.

Secondly, it is still the preseason and it is quite early and premature to say that this team is done. But then again it will be San Francisco who has to prove that this is the case.

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