Dereck Chisora reveals why David Haye refused to quit against Tony Bellew

Although ultimately coming out on the losing end of his high-profile heavyweight clash with Tony Bellew on Saturday night, David Haye proved the doubters who had questioned the 36-year-old’s heart wrong at the O2 Arena in London at the weekend.

Despite snapping his Achilles in the sixth round of his bout with Bellew, Haye somehow carried on until the 11th round when the one-sided onslaught was finally stopped.

Now, former opponent and old rival Dereck Chisora has revealed why Haye kept fighting despite only being able to move on one of his legs.

Chisora, who helped prepare Bellew for his bout against Haye at the weekend, has claimed that it was Haye’s son’s attendance in the audience which stopped his fellow heavyweight from quitting.

The boxer said: “I have more respect for David now because he didn’t quit.

“He had his son ringside – I think for the first time I think – so he could not quit.

“And this is the boxing game, when you know you have power in your hands you can still land that one shot.

“He was just hoping for one shot, if he had knocked out Tony with one leg he would have been a hero.”

After the enthralling fight, Haye spent two hours in an ambulance due to bad traffic in London, but after eventually arriving at the hospital, he underwent surgery on his injured ankle.

He has since thanked fans and the hospital staff for everything they’ve done for him over the past few days, and he will now go away and think about his next steps.

Chisora, who lost to Haye via TKO in 2012, was present throughout Bellew’s training camp for the bout with Haye, and was even sent into his old rival’s dressing room prior to Saturday’s contest to check Haye’s hand wraps and gloves.

Talking about training with Bellew ahead of his fight with Haye, Chisora added: “I sparred with him on Tuesdays and Fridays and I think he thought I was coming to lie down and go easy.”

“But the first time I went in there we were going at it. We went at it for eight rounds full blast.”

Chisora lost a close split-decision in a phenomenal bout with fellow countryman Dillian Whyte in his last outing, but is now currently seeking out his next opponent after Whyte turned turned down the offer of a rematch, something Chisora doesn’t seem happy about.

“Dillian does not want to fight me, ask him if he wants to get in the ring with Dereck Chisora again.

“I offered him £1.1million to fight me and he said no.

“Dillian doesn’t want the rematch because a defeat would end him.”

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