Jerry Lawler defends controversial Nia Jax joke made after Fastlane

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After WWE Fastlane last Sunday, Jerry 'The King' Lawler made a controversial comment about Nia Jax when analyzing and talking about the match between her and Sasha Banks with The Boss on RAW Talk.

In case you missed it, Lawler said about Nia: "She got hit by a car the other day and it took three surgeons to remove it." Many believed this was a fat shaming comment towards the female superstar and they hit out at the Hall of Famer on Twitter. The video of Lawler saying the comment is further down in this article

Speaking on the debut episode of his podcast, Dinner With The King, The King defended the remark by saying it wasn’t a fat joke at all.


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He said, according to Cageside Seats: "Well, you know what, they need to get a life or get over it or whatever. First of all, you can't please everybody on social media. Now with Twitter and all the social media everybody has a voice. Everybody has got a way to be heard now and anything that anybody says is going to offend somebody.

“We were talking about... Sasha Banks and Bayley came on and they were our guests, me and Renee Young, and then I was talking about the fact that Sasha Banks had gotten a victory over Nia Jax. Even Sasha Banks said something about 'I was really fortunate considering the size difference.' You know me, I'm a guy that I like to add a little humor to the wrestling.

"That's been the thing that I've been known for over the years. It's not brain surgery out there, it's not life or death, it's entertainment. So any chance I get to add a... I don't care if it's an old dad joke or whatever it is, a joke from the 80s, I'll throw a joke in there.

“I was talking about the fact that Nia Jax is a big girl, I don't know any other way to say it. She's big, she's like Big Show big compared to the other females on the roster. And I just said 'you know, Nia Jax is big. She's so big she got hit by a car the other day and it took three surgeons to remove it.' That's an old Rodney Dangerfield joke. It wasn't anything meant that was saying she was fat.

"Some people came on Twitter and said 'oh, King making fat jokes about Nia Jax.' Well, I never said the word 'fat.' I don't think she's fat. She is big, and if you don't think she's big go stand next to her. So people are upset saying I was making fat jokes. Anybody who uses the word 'fat' that's on them, because I didn't.

“That's the thing with Twitter, that's the thing with social media: You're not going to be able to please everybody and everybody's got a way now to whine and complain if they say something that they even think they don't agree with. I take that with a grain of salt and then I block 'em."


It's easy to see how people have taken offense to the so-called joke. It's not very funny, nor is it really relevant to what they were talking about. It was an unnecessary comment. It's probably not the last controversial comment Lawler will make either considering it's this kind of humor he’s always broadcasted during his run as a commentator in the WWE.

Speaking of commentating, The King will apparently be doing commentary for at least one match at WrestleMania 33 later on this year. Hopefully, he doesn't make any unnecessary statements like this on the grandest stage of them all in front of a global audience, otherwise, there's probably not much more the WWE could do with him.

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