James Harden has already broken a bad all-time single-season record

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Clippers

There are plenty of reasons why James Harden has turned himself into a front-runner for the MVP award.

Under new Houston coach Mike D'Antoni, Harden switched to point guard and has directed a unique offense that has the Rockets considered as a dangerous team as the playoffs approach.

However, here's one stat that James Harden won't be using to further his case for MVP.

During Wednesday's 115-108 loss to the Utah Jazz, Harden had another fantastic outing. The Beard scored a game-high 35 points, six assists and four rebounds.

But he also did lead the stat sheet in another figure, with six turnovers, four more than any other player in the game.

With an errant pass to Sam Dekker for his fifth turnover of the game, Harden's season entered NBA history as he broke the mark for most turnovers in a single-season.

Harden now has 376 on the year, breaking the old mark which was set... last year by James Harden.

This year, he's going to post an incredible mark: His team still has 17 games left in the season.

Houston Rockets v New Orleans Pelicans

Last year, Harden broke a nearly 40-year mark, which was set by Artis Gilmore, who had 366 turnovers with the Chicago Bulls.

Harden led the NBA in turnovers by 32 over second-place Russell Westbrook -- ironically, his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate and the other presumed front-runner for this season's MVP award.

Westbrook, with 348 already this season, is also on pace to break Harden's record from last season.

NBA All-Star Game 2016

Of course, many of the reasons for Harden's uptick in turnovers are somewhat out of his control.

As a point guard in D'Antoni's offense, Harden has the ball in his hands more than probably any other NBA player. Also, since the Rockets play at such a fast tempo, the Rockets have more total possessions than most other teams.

According to Dan Feldman of NBCsports.com, there are three players in the NBA who turn over the ball more frequently than Harden compared to how often often they have the ball.

While Harden turns the ball over every one minute and 33 seconds that he has the ball, Brandon Jennings of the Washington Wizards leads (or, maybe more properly, trails?) the league with one turnover every 1:14 of possession.

The other two who turn the ball over more frequently than Harden play for the Cleveland Cavaliers: Deron Williams (1:20) and LeBron James (1:25), another MVP front-runner.

Pretty ironic given that a turnover is the worst possible outcome for any possession.

And none do it better (??) than Harden.

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