Dirk Nowitzki's 30,000 points means free beer for Mavericks fans

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki capitalized on a celebration by enjoying a cold one.

And Bud Light capitalized on a quick product placement marketing ploy.

The two brands are coming together Friday night at the benefit of Dallas Mavericks fans at American Airlines Arena, who are getting free beer at Friday night's game against the Brooklyn Nets.

(This is where beer snobs will point out that Bud Light is not exactly the most delicious of treats. To them I say: First of all, it's fine. Second of all, free beer is free beer.)

This all started after Nowitzki scored his 30,000th career point on Tuesday with a patented fallaway jump shot against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here's a look at the shot, which is the same shot we've seen from Dirk hundreds of times before.

The milestone even brought his mentor and shooting coach, Holger Geschwindner -- who has been mentoring Dirk since he was 15 -- to tears.

Nowitzki became the sixth player in NBA history to reach the 30k plateau, and the German is the first one who was not born in the United States.

The other members of the 30k club are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928), Kobe Bryant (33,643), Michael Jordan (32,292) and Wilt Chamberlain (31,419). LeBron James (28,345) should be joining the club relatively soon as well.

That's an impressive club, and Dirk joins Kobe on that list as the only two who scored all their points with one team.

After the game, Nowitzki was asked how he would celebrate the career accomplishment.

"I had a Bud Light. First time in a long time," he said.

The beer giant heard about it and jumped right on the opportunity.

On Friday, Bud Light delivered 30,000 Mavs Team Cans to the arena, one free one for every fan 21-and-over.

They even left a note, which said: “Dear Dirk, Congrats on the 30,000 points. Here’s 30,000 Bud Lights to share with your friends! Cheers, Bud Light.”

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks

Bud Light isn't the only one capitalizing on the milestone.

The first 5,000 fans will receive a Dirk bobblehead and Dirk 30k shirts will be on sale at the arena for $19.99.

In addition, according to CBS DFW, the DIRKBURGER is on sale throughout March at all Mavs and Stars games for $18 and comes with a DIRK 30K commemorative cup.

This is like Christmas for ESPN's Darren Rovell, who is all about branding. His tweet pointed out the giveaway and Bud Light responded to him on Twitter.

#CongratsDirk, indeed.

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks fans, too.

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