Tony Bellew explains when he knew he would beat David Haye

Tony Bellew, on Soccer AM this morning, claims that victory was already in his grasp after round one of his defeat over ‘egotistical’, David Haye.

Merseyside hero, Bellew, stunned the masses as he defeated David Haye in the heavyweight championship bout in Round 11.

Bookies were left hanging their heads with highly unlikely odds placed on the scouser and leaving many a punter with a nice little pay package as he shocked the world in his defeat of predicted victor, Haye.

Bellew was convinced that victory would be his after a trading of punches in the first round and the exchange of words between the two at the end of the fifth.

“I said to him ‘you’re blowing boy’ and I knew from the end of the fourth round that I had him, even in the first round in my mind I’d won the fight in the first round,” said Bellew, on Soccer AM on Saturday morning.

The 34-year-old underdog moved up from the cruiserweight division to make his fight with Haye a reality, but some would say it was considered unconventional. 

Haye made earlier claims in the weigh-in that the scouser looked as if he as ‘eaten a bunch of pies’, with Bellew even admitting to his dietary mishaps in the run-up to the bout. 

“I’ll be honest I came in a bit heavy, I shouldn’t have come in at the weight that I did, everybody knows I enjoy my food and it was one too many Nandos for me I think it was.

“So I did come in a bit heavy, heavier than predicted and in the eighth round I was really, really blowing.

“But I had to make him miss and pay.”

One too many Nandos it may have been, however, the Merseyside champion claimed his victory over Haye and put the critics in their place.

An incredible night in the O2 arena in London and an occasion that fans will never forget.

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