Video: NASCAR race ends in bloody pit lane fight

The third race of the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series ended in controversy after former teammates Kyle Busch and Joey Logano left the Las Vegas track bloodied following a brawl in the pit lane.

Busch waited for Logano in the pit after being spun off the track by his former teammate during the race in which Busch was sitting in fourth place before the incident, but ended the day in 22nd after coming off track.

Logano went on to cross the finishing line in fourth.

Unhappy with Logano’s actions, Busch waited for his adversary in the pit lane to confront him.

Busch then threw a punch at Logano causing a brawl to break out in the pit lane as the two exchanged blows. 

Logano’s team finally managed to wrestle the two apart as a bloodied Busch was forcibly removed from the situation.

Whilst both were competing for a podium finish, Busch’s car was nudged from the inside whilst travelling at 180mph by Logano, causing the racer’s car to spin out of control and come off the tracks. 

When asked after the brawl why Busch had attacked his former teammate, Busch claimed: “I got dumped, [he] flat out just drove straight into the corner and wrecked me.

“That’s how Joey races so he’s going to get it.”

Although the physical altercation reflects badly on the sport, an amendment in NASCAR rules made last year means that the fight may only merit a meeting with the pair to discuss the incident with NASCAR officials as long as the fight was deemed to be in the “heat of the moment”.

Despite Busch seeming somewhat unapologetic over his actions, Logano said that he doesn’t have “any issues” with Busch and they would “move on” following the brawl at Sunday’s Kobalt 400.

“There wasn’t much talking, just a lot of swinging.

“I was racing hard there at the end. Kyle and I usually race well together, usually we don’t have any issues.

“Obviously it [the crash] was nothing intentional but he thinks that.”

And he tweeted afterwards: “We about crashed and I was trying to save it. Nothing intentional on my end.”

Do you think Busch should be punished for his actions at the Kobalt 400? Did Logano deliberately spin him off track? Have YOUR say in the comments below.

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