Video: Shocking 30-player brawl erupts in French rugby match

Super Rugby Rd 3 - Chiefs v Hurricanes

A shocking 30-player brawl erupted in a French fourth-tier rugby match yesterday, as both sides descended into rage after a controversial tackle. 

The match, which was being contested by Bedarides and Stade Nicois, descended into absolute chaos after a high tackle which saw one player hauled to the ground by his neck. 

After his teammates were quick to come to their friends aid, however, the encounter quickly turned sour after players from both sides began throwing punches in the ensuing melee. 

Despite the refs repeated attempts to re-establish a level of calm between the two sides, the brawl quickly escalated further, to a point where every player on the pitch had been dragged into the fight. 

A few members of the on-looking crowd also sought to get involved, after the brawl moved off the pitch as members of both sides continue to come to the aid of their teammates. 

After the sixty or so seconds of chaos, however, tempers quickly subsided, and a level of calm returned after fans and players alike from both sides sought to break up the fight, in order to prevent things further escalating.

After the brawl, one player appeared to need treatment after having remained on the ground.

As you can see from the video, it certainly did not take long for chaos to take over the match, especially with adrenaline pumping through the bodies of the players.

You can watch the carnage unfold in the tweet below, which has been posted by EatSleepRugby (@eatsleeprugby)

It isn't uncommon for fights to break out in rugby, especially given the nature of the sport, but a 30-man brawl will certainly stay in the memories of rugby fans for the next few weeks, despite it only being an amateur match.

Let's hope we don't see anything like this in the upcoming Six Nations, otherwise hefty penalties will surely be handed out, which nobody wants to see happen.

The match did eventually resume, however, with Bedarrides going on to win the hotly-contested encounter 26-20.

A good day in the office for Bedarrides, but it will certainly be an encounter they'd soon forget given the chaos that broke out.

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