Roy Keane explains the two things he hates most about football


Roy Keane is not a man known for his tolerance for nonsense. The former Manchester United midfielder is one of the prickliest characters in the game, and his inability to hide what he's really thinking is one of the great joys of watching him on TV.

Needless to say, there is a lot about the modern game – and the game in general – that gets right on his wick, and it doesn't take him much to reveal what they are.

And in a candid article in The Sun, the Republic of Ireland assistant has opened up on the two biggest annoyances he's encountered in the game, and it makes for some pretty amusing reading.

Since his retirement from playing the game and moving onto management, he has had to scour the country in search of new talent.

He has had stints in charge of Sunderland and Ipswich in recent years, but has since moved into a supporting capacity, undertaking spells as assistant manager with both Aston Villa and Ireland.

And now, while looking for players to call up to the Irish national side, there are a few things that he just cannot stand about having to do that.

“The idea of travelling to the matches and meeting people for a cup of tea at half-time. Let me tell you that doesn’t rock my boat," he said.

“Sometimes when you go to these grounds you can’t even get a decent cup of tea and make a lot of small talk with people you don’t want to have small talk with.

“It’s a battle to get into the car park.

“You bump into lots of idiots on your travels so don’t be kidded that it’s all glamorous.

“It’s nice to watch good players. Whether you’re watching Champions League football or League of Ireland matches or Championship, I watch all sorts of matches and I do enjoy that part of the job.

France v Republic of Ireland - Round of 16: UEFA Euro 2016

“But the idea of networking and having a cup of tea and small talk at half-time and sitting in car parks and motorways for hours, that doesn’t give me a buzz in the mornings when I wake up.”

So there you have it, if you ever see Keano at a ground near you in the near future, you'd better make sure you have some decent teabags on you, and try not to talk too much.

Keane also went on to reveal what he'd do differently if he ever went back into club management.

Despite guiding Sunderland to promotion to the Premier League during his first foray into management, the 45-year-old hasn't enjoyed the strongest record while in charge of club sides, and is looking to make amendments into his approach.

"If I go back into club management I'm pretty sure I will be a bit more hands-on on the training pitch.

"It's 50-50 for me. I still like the idea of being a manager and calling the shots but the beauty of international football is that I'm getting a taste of being on the training pitch and then also having a big input with Martin in terms of selection and the final XI - I'm getting the best of both worlds.

"If you want job security, you don't really go into football management do you?"

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