Hull's David Meyler reacts brilliantly to packing himself on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

The astronomical wages professional footballers earn mean they can do pretty much anything they want, but for some, there’s nothing better than a good ol’ game of FIFA.

Tottenham’s Dele Alli, for example, is a renowned fan of the franchise, while Luke Shaw of Manchester United built an incredible squad on Ultimate Team last year.

What makes the thrill of playing FIFA even better for footballers, though, is that they’re able to play as themselves on the game.

Seriously, how cool must it be being someone like Mesut Ozil or Eden Hazard and playing as yourself on FIFA?

Of course, gamers can create and model pros on themselves, but it’s just not the same.

Hull City’s David Meyler is one of such footballers that loves playing FIFA – and he was given a pretty incredible surprise while playing the other day.

To mark St. Patrick’s Day, EA Sports handed special green cards to the likes of Seamus Coleman, Shane Long and Jonathan Walters (see below).

Meyler was also given a 72-rated green card and, much to his excitement in the video below, the midfielder actually managed to pack himself.

The limited edition St. Patrick’s Day pack Meyler opened only had one player in it, meaning he had a 23/1 chance of getting himself.

And his reaction was priceless. The 27-year-old put his hands on his head and burst into laughter before leaning backwards in sheer ecstasy.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever packed myself,” he said at the end of the video. Now that’s the dream.

Meyler probably has an unreal squad on Ultimate Team, but he’ll treasure no card more than his own.

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