Steph Curry on track to lead the league in surprising category for third time in four years

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

Back-to-back NBA MVP Stephen Curry is having another outstanding season for the Golden State Warriors.

Lost in this year’s MVP discussion due to the incredible seasons that Russell Westbrook and James Harden are having, Curry is putting up 25.0 points, 4.4 rebounds and 6.3 assists for the 56-14 Warriors.

While Westbrook and Harden are putting up better individual numbers this season from the traditional sense of points, rebounds and assists, Curry’s sustained excellence over the past four seasons has been incredible.

While he benefits from playing on a star-studded roster that has arguably been the best in the NBA over the last four years combined, Curry’s impact on the court has been formidable.

Consider the following.

As you see above, Curry’s cumulative raw plus-minus over the last four seasons is plus-3,335. That’s more than both Westbrook (1,357) and Harden (1,284) combined. Plus-minus is certainly a measure of team success (the best teams have higher plus-minuses due to wide margins of victory and don't get blown out often), but Curry's number being so far ahead of everyone else is indicative of his impact on the floor.

Keep in mind that individual plus-minus is completely different than team plus-minus in the sense that only the minutes that the particular player is on the court is counted for them. Therefore, when Curry has been able to take the fourth quarter off to sit on the bench, his impact in the first three quarters is considered.

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors

It also trumps LeBron James’ mark of 2,040, which is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the chart, considering his overwhelming success in the Eastern Conference over the past four seasons.

Part of the plus-minus statistic being so high has been the sheer number of blowouts that the Warriors have enjoyed over the past four seasons. Curry’s three-point shooting has been perhaps the primary reason for games getting out of hand quickly. That part of his game has been nothing short of historic.

That’s why many view him as the best shooter in NBA history.

And that’s why many Warriors games are already over by the time the fourth quarter begins.

Here’s an example of exactly that from Monday night when Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder fell victims to Curry’s unlimited range in the closing seconds of the third quarter.

The 29-year-old point guard is still in his prime and while he’s a longshot to be named the NBA MVP for the third-straight time this season, his impact on the game for the Warriors is profound, even with the other superstars on the roster.

The plus-minus numbers show just that.

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