Daniel Ricciardo hoping for spicy relationship with Red Bull teammate

F1 Grand Prix of Mexico

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo believes a tough relationship with teammate Max Verstappen may be for the better - as that would mean they're likely to be tussling for the drivers' championship. 

The rivalry between former teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg grew as the two fought tooth and nail to bring home the drivers' championship, and it is widely touted that Rosberg's retirement was predominantly down to his tiring relationship with Hamilton. 

Ricciardo and Verstappen are looked at as one of, if not, the strongest driver pairings on the grid, and the Australian believes that competition between the two will drive them to success - even if it drives them apart in the process. 

Ricciardo told F1 Racing magazine: "We're not Lewis and Nico yet but I hope we can be in that position because we would both absolutely love to get to a point like that, where we're fighting. 

"When we are, that basically means we're doing what we want to and reaching what we want to achieve in the sport, so it's hard to predict or anticipate what will happen, but I think that would be a nice position to be in.

"Anything else… I think that's a bridge we'll cross when we get there."

Since Verstappen replaced Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull last year, there has been hardly a scratch on the friendship between the two teammates, but their battle at the Malaysian Grand Prix opened the eyes of fans as to what's to come in the future. 

Verstappen, on the other hand, does not see any problems arising between the two, saying: "The most important thing is that you need to respect each other, on and off track. 

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"So far we have been doing that pretty well. Even that fight in Malaysia - fighting for a victory - if we can race like that, it would be amazing. For sure, if you fight for a world championship, you can be a bit more nervous, but I think that's pretty normal.

"When you are in a fight, you know pretty well when you are about to crash or not, so it shouldn't cause any problems."

Red Bull will be the favourites to challenge Mercedes for the 2017 championship, and if that turns out to be the case, you'd imagine Verstappen and Ricciardo will see their relationship come under scrutiny.

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