Steph Curry names his three favourite players growing up - includes odd choice

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Stephen Curry’s current season has been a hot topic of discussion through the midpoint of the season. Last year, his blistering campaign saw him register 30 points per game while holding down 50 percent shooting from the field and 45 percent shooting from deep.

In every way, that season was one for the ages as no one could stop The Chef during the regular season. Now, the NBA’s best team isn’t searching for 73 wins and some untouchable record, they just want to win the championship.

This year, Curry is averaging 25 points, four rebounds and six assists in a campaign that looks like a step down when compared to the lofty one that preceded it. Adding Kevin Durant to the mix will do that to a player as they have to adjust on the fly.

The two-time MVP sat down with Dime Magazine to talk about his role in Davidson’s NCAA tournament runs and broke into the topic of his favourite players once the topic of his father, Dell Curry, popped up.

The All-Star point guard’s choices for his favourites are pretty standard until he lists a third member of the group that will raise some eyebrows.

He said: “I had two guys I idolized and wanted to morph together to bring that into my style: Reggie Miller and Steve Nash. I just loved what they were able to do. Obviously, Steve with the ball and his creativity and balance of passing and shooting.

Then Reggie with what he was able to do off the ball and his clutch gene and his competitiveness. I wanted to kinda morph those two guys together. Oh, and for some reason I loved Byron Russell. I don’t know why.

Russell is a strange mention alongside two sure-fire Hall-of-Fame players like Miller and Nash. One revolutionized the sport and one is remembered as one of the key players from the Golden Age of the 1990s

Just like fans, it appears the MVP finds inspiration in strange places sometimes.

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