Watch: NBA 2K simulation answers the Michael Jordan v.s. Lavar Ball debate

Lavar Ball made a lot of waves in recent weeks when he said that he could take on Michael Jordan one-on-one. The father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball is no stranger to insane comments and this was no different.

His son is doing work and fulfilling his promise on a big stage in the NCAA Tournament. As long as Lonzo is in the spotlight, his father will be right there making statements that routinely set the internet ablaze.

Sports Illustrated did a simulation of a game between Ball and Jordan where the brash personality only had a 55 ranking because he never made the NBA. Needless to say His Airness dominated, but he didn’t hold his opponent scoreless.

Maybe the outspoken father figure could petition 2K sports to provide their own simulation if he wanted more proof. It seems like more outlets are piling on the personality by the day, but that isn’t going to stop these moments from happening.

The comments about Jordan are nothing when compared to what the Big Baller Brand president said about his son in comparison to Stephen Curry. Not only did he say that his son was better, he said that Curry wouldn’t be able to carry UCLA in the same manner.

The freshman phenom is averaging 14 points and seven assists for the Bruins, which is nothing to sneeze at, but maybe the mogul is forgetting how much the unanimous MVP carried Davidson during his years there.

Luckily for Lonzo, he will have way better rankings on 2K when he makes the game next year. Heck, he might even have a chance at staying in front of Curry when that day comes.

One thing is for sure, he will stand a better chance against the Chef than his father ever did against the GOAT.

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