Chris Eubank Jr. takes on Tony Bellew on Twitter


Chris Eubank Jr. and Tony Bellew faced off last night...well, on Twitter that is anyway.

And, it didn't stop there either as this morning, Eubank Jr. has continued his tirade of abuse aimed at the Evertonian.

Hard-packed masses of muscles and testosterone: professional boxers. It's no new phenomena that the "banter" between these sportsmen before their much-advertised and promulgated fights is, at least half of the time, more intense and exciting than the fight itself.

However, what's strange about this one is that Eubank Jnr and Bellew aren't even scheduled to fight each other.

Not unless we aren't being told something.

But boy, things escalated to a whole new level last night.

Following Tony Bellew's victory over David Haye at the weekend, all eyes have been on the Bomber, but Eubank Jr. was clearly less than impressed with his performance that night.

He took to Twitter and posted: "Every1 knows without that injury you would've got banged. Rematch or come down to SuperMiddle & ill show u what boxing is about @TonyBellew."

This antagonism no doubt was fuelled by Bellew's recent mocking comment that he'd seen "better belts in Matalan", an observation made about Eubank Jr.'s victory over Renaldo Quinlan in February. 

Of course, Bellew would have surely been proclaimed a coward last night if he had chosen to not respond to such a scathing attack from Eubank Jr.

And so he decided to play ball: "@ChrisEubankJr hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lad the last time I was under 12st you was in your Dads sack! You may as well still be there!"

The conversation quickly threatened to become R-rated, and Twitter's moderators must have been quaking in their boots at the prospect of two monstrous names in sport taking constant shots at each other.

However, it didn't just end last night and the two have been going back and forth this morning as well.

Below you can see the tweets sent out by Eubank Jnr. and the replies from Bellew.

Eubank Jr, a 2017 IBO Middle-Superweight title holder, might have thought he'd landed the knockout blow, but the man who has lost only one out of 24 fights would be proved wrong, with Bellew, who's lost only two out of 32, throwing back with his very own heavy jabs.

Insults about sexual prowess, a threatening emoji here and there, and there was even a boxing match challenge in this flash tirade between the fighters.

Wonder whether Bellew will accept the challenge, or if we should expect more sudden ambushes on the internet.

Instagram next? 

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