David Haye issues update for fans regarding recovery and boxing future

David Haye vs Tony Bellew - Heavyweight Fight

While some boxers are taking to social media to threaten one another's manhood, defeated David Haye applied his Instagram account in a far more positive manner yesterday evening, with a short video post to fans. 

The Hayemaker, who was downed in the 11th round against Tony Bellew in March, began by reassuring his followers about his health and his recovery.

"I've been training pretty much every day since my operation," moving through his - presumably -personal gym, topless, his abs out for all to see.

"And...it's going really well!"

He posted the video as, on his crutches (necessary following his Achilles injury in the Bellew fight), he chased an ever-reversing camera. 

"Everything is on schedule. I'm making sure that the moment I'm able to fight with this leg, I will do...," he added, his hair unkempt; no doubt part of his image to look tough, hardened, a professional training so hard he forgets about his image. 

And then came the big promise. 

"I will be heavyweight champion of the world...again!"

At this point, the video almost required 3D glasses, such was the wide-eyed, crazed look in the Hayemaker's large eyes. 

David Haye vs Tony Bellew - Heavyweight Fight

Having ruptured his Achilles in the defeat to Bellew at the O2 Arena in London, there was intense speculation that the Liverpudlian had given Haye an ignominious last fight. Retirement was the word on people's lips. 

But with an oft-overlooked healing crystal around his neck while he made his thank you video, Haye surely offered the K.O. blow to retirement rumours, ending his promise with an obsessive-sounding: "Trust me."

You can watch his Instagram video below and see for yourself just how confident the Hayemaker is sounding about a possible return to the ring.

The 2009-11 WBA heavyweight champion is a man far too bold to shy away from such claims, and in a previous message to his fans following the defeat, he even claimed he'd be back in the ring before the "end of 2017." 

Trust you? Oh, don't worry, David. We'd be fools to do otherwise. 

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