Luke Walton and the Warriors fought management to keep peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Life in the NBA has some consistent staples like the constant traveling and the physical preparation to get ready to play in every game. There are countless hours spent in the training room and in film sessions getting ready for the next challenge.

Other activities like shootarounds and card playing also make up a bunch of the time spent in practice sessions and on planes while flying across the entire country. Sometimes you might need a snack to help pick you up.

Baxter Holmes recently shared a story with ESPN about the entire league’s obsession with a consensus favourite snack, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

For such a simple sandwich, it has enjoyed a mammoth return in popularity with all of the teams in the Association after the Boston Celtics’ championship run in 2008. Since then, other teams have been requesting the treat whenever possible.

During last year’s run to 73 wins on the season in Golden State, interim head coach Luke Walton drew a line in the sand when it came to the treasured sandwiches.

Warriors brass ended up hiring Lachlan Penfold as a new trainer after the 2015 season and the new member of the staff enforced some pretty strict changes when it came to the players’ diets.

Penfold immediately made efforts to remove any and all forms of sugar and possible junk food items from the team’s diet plan. Unfortunately for the players and their coaches, that meant peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too.

Holmes explained: “The Warriors, in turn, had willingly parted with candy, cookies and soda. But now, on this charter flight, they found nary a PB&J. Concerned glances were exchanged. ‘Just the fact that it wasn’t there shook me a little bit,’ Stephen Curry told ESPN at the time.

“Clearly, Penfold had made a mistake, yes? No. ‘Sorry, mate,’ Penfold explained then. ‘We’re not doing sugar.’”

Walton took up for his players and requested PB&J at every given opportunity for the following weeks until the message to bring back the sandwiches was clear. He wasn’t going to give up until the entire roster could enjoy their favourite treats again.

Their trainer tried to make a compromise in December and offered Vegemite spread sandwiches, which while similar, are just not the same. During the following game, they lost their first contest of the season.

The coach got his star player Curry involved and the ban was lifted as they fought their way to a championship appearance. Everything worked out in the end and no one is complaining about that anymore.

Now as a coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Walton ensures that PB&J is available after every game. Hopefully one of the coming season will produce similar results for the City of Angels.

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