Devin Booker responds to Jae Crowder's criticism on Instagram

In the NBA, as in most professional sports leagues, most things are decided by wins and losses. On Friday night, the entire Association took a moment to enjoy a moment from a team that is likely headed to the lottery.

Devin Booker is the 20-year-old shooting guard from the Phoenix Suns and he dropped 70 points on the Boston Celtics in The Garden. That gaudy point total came in a loss, but there is no denying how impressive that achievement is.

When he received his stat sheet, the sweet-shooting guard out of Kentucky was absolutely stunned by what he saw. His teammates celebrated around him and even managed to parody one of the most famous pictures in NBA history on Instagram.

They all posed with a sign that said 70, in reference to the picture from the night that Wilt Chamberlain dropped 100 points on the New York Knicks as a Philadelphia Warrior back in March of 1962.

Phoenix is a young team, so young that they recently broke the NBA record for the youngest starting lineup in league history earlier this week. They are all excited for the future and fans now know that Booker’s rookie campaign was no flash in the pan.

All of this happiness aside, the team that beat the Suns on Friday were just confused by everyone being so happy about losing. Isaiah Thomas was confused by the manner in which the opponent was clearly trying to get their young star 70.

Jae Crowder went even further by saying under an NBA Instagram post that he had never seen dudes so excited after a loss. Booker saw his comment and fired back on behalf of him and his teammates.

Tyson Chandler also chimed in that the Wildcat product had earned his stripes, but Crowder quickly clarified that he was talking about the other cast of characters surrounding the 20 year old.

The stingy defender said that he would see them next year, because the season will be over soon and the Celtics have the playoffs to worry about. Still, for a night, the future in the Valley of the Sun shined brighter than it had all season long.

When Kobe Bryant gave DB a pair of his shoes last season, he wrote the words “Be legendary” on them alongside his autograph. Kobe recognised just what kind of talent the young man had during his stellar campaign last year.

Pundits have debated just how much more help Phoenix needs in the offseason after it became clear that they weren’t going to the playoffs anytime soon. On Friday, we learned that they might already be developing their true star.

That sounds like a reason to celebrate.

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