Seamus Coleman receives an amazing gesture from two young Irish fans

Republic of Ireland v Wales - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier

Seamus Coleman's sickening leg break against Wales has revealed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the beautiful game.

Neil Taylor's challenge on the Irishman was absolutely disgraceful, but it's been great to see how the football world has rallied around the injured player.

Images of Shane Long hugging him as he received oxygen went viral, and Taylor himself made it clear how sorry he was after the game.

The Evertonian is unlikely to step out onto the pitch again in 2017, though at least Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has allayed fears that he would never play again.

"Great players have broken their legs and come back, and Seamus, obviously it's very early for him to start considering all those things, but he is positive," O'Neill told Sky Sports.

"...But he's very strong, he's got a lot of good people around him, his family is very, very strong as well, and he is positive that he will be back and as good as ever."

In the immediate aftermath, Wayne Rooney was among the first to offer his support to Coleman.

The Manchester United star tweeted: "Hope Seamus Coleman gets better soon. Horrible tackle"

As much as O'Neill will be monitoring his situation, his recovery will primarily be in the hands of Everton, for whom he's going to be a massive loss in this weekend's Merseyside derby.

Yet, while he won't be seen again in a green Irish jersey for a very long time, their fans are just as concerned as anyone else.

And however down he must be feeling about his injury, he must have been cheered up a little by a brilliant gesture from young supporters Reece and Cody Kenny.

We're not crying, you're crying 

Radio station RTE 2FM report that the five and seven-year-olds from County Offaly met the international before the Wales game and had their picture taken with him.

Having watched on in shock as he was given oxygen and stretchered off, they sent him a beautiful letter sending their best wishes.

Check it out below:

"To Seamus, I love you," it begins.

"You are the best soccer player. My brother and I met you last Thursday, the day before the Wales match.

"You were so kind and friendly to us. You are our hero. We were at the match and we were so sad for you that your bones are broken.


"We hope you get better really soon."

If you needed something to restore your faith in humanity, there it is.

Should Neil Taylor receive a harsher punishment for the tackle? Have your say in the comments. 

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