Derrick Rose's NBA 2K rating from 2010 to 2017 shows depressing story of his career

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

Derrick Rose's ascent into becoming one of the best players in the NBA was a fast and exciting one.

His decent into the NBA's middle-age has been long and depressing.

Injuries have been the main cause for the derailment of such a promising career, one which looked like it could deliver his hometown Chicago Bulls its first NBA championship since the Michael Jordan days.

While numbers sometimes make it hard to quantify where a player is in their career, a video game in this case can be helpful.

To see how far he's fallen, and so quickly, let's have a look at Rose's NBA 2K's player ratings:

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls

2K10 - 80

After debuting as a rookie in NBA Live 09 with a 79 rating, the reigning Rookie of the Year got an 80 in the NBA 2K10 edition.

Rose earned that by winning Rookie of the Year in 2008-09 and leading the Bulls to the playoffs, where they were beat by the Boston Celtics.

His 80 rating in the 2K10 game put him on par with such stars as Ray Allen, Ron Artest and Steve Nash, aging players who once were where Rose was destined to become.

Chicago Bulls v Phoenix Suns

2K11 - 85

Rose followed up the Rookie of the Year season with another solid campaign, although an injury would foreshadow his future.

An ankle injury hurt the beginning of his sophomore season, but as reflected by the outstanding 85 rating, Rose made his first All-Star Game and led the Bulls to the playoffs for the second straight season.

His 85 in the game was on par with fellow stars such as Chicago teammate Carlos Boozer, Philadelphia's Andre Iguodala and Phoenix's Steve Nash.

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

2K12, 2K13, 2K14 - 92

These are the salad days in Rose's career, the ones Chicago Bulls fans will remember most.

Rose won the 2011 MVP award, helping him climb to the 92 ascension for the 2K12 game.

In 2k12, the only players who had better ratings were LeBron James of Miami (98), Dwyane Wade of Miami (96), Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers (94), Dwight Howard of Orlando (93) and Chris Paul of New Orleans (93). Rose's 92 was equaled by Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City.

Another strong season in 2011-12 ended, however, in disappointment, as Rose tore his ACL in the first game of the playoffs.

Rose missed the 2012-13 season with the injury, but NBA 2K14 developers were generous in their ratings, counting on a comeback.

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks

2K15 - 88

After a long-awaited comeback, Rose was injured once again, early in the 2013-14 season, shutting his season down by Thanksgiving.

Fans around the league and in Chicago were restless as 2014-15 approached, but Rose still had fans in whoever puts the 2K ratings together.

Despite 10 games played a season after missing the whole year, Rose's rating was on par with players such as Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas and James Harden of Houston.

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics

2K16 - 82

Even the video game folks could tell now that Rose was on the downside.

Rose came back in 2014-15 but clearly wasn't quite the guy. D-Rose scored 17.7 points and 4.9 assists for the Bulls, missing 20 games for a knee surgery after the All-Star break.

He played in a playoff game for the first time in three years and even banked home a winner against the Cleveland Cavaliers to put his team up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals. The Bulls would lose the series.

Rose's 82 was on par with players such as fellow question mark Chris Bosh of Miami and free-throw enigma DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Chicago Bulls v Oklahoma City Thunder

2K17 - 80

Rose's final season in Chicago led to his current rating of 80, the lowest since his rookie season, an appropriate curve to his up-and-down career.

He was supposed to be hitting his prime in Chicago as a 27-year-old, but scored just 16.4 points and had 4.7 assists in 2015-16, leading to the rating.

His 80 in the current edition of the game is on par with such players as Denver's Kenneth Faried, and appropriately, fellow sinkers Zach Randolph of Memphis and Tony Parker of San Antonio.

Nice players, but not exactly elite company.

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