Barcelona B's 12-0 victory over Eldense was apparently match-fixed

When Barcelona B thrashed Eldense 12-0 in their Segunda Division B match last weekend, it wasn’t too surprising.

After all, Barca are top of the league and Eldense are rock bottom – having won just three of their 32 matches.

However, it seems that the game was a lot more controversial than first thought.

After the result, the humiliated club decided they would quit the league, just six games before the end of the season.

Eldense players could be seen crying at the final whistle, with members of the victorious Barca side having to console them.

How strange.

But reports have emerged that suggest that the game may have been fixed.

Cheikh Saad admits to match-fixing

There are allegations that some of Eldense’s players deliberately contributed to the scoreline, with forward Cheikh Saad suggesting just that.

“I know who they are but I cannot say at the moment,” Saad said, adding that “four players are involved.”

“They did not bother to ask me because they knew what the answer would be. I’d have withdrawn from the team.

“Half an hour before the game I was in the team and then I wasn’t. After the game I got on the team bus and my teammates told me: ‘You should know that there are players down there [in the dressing room] who threw the match’. I went back down to the dressing room and there was a row going on. There were almost punches thrown.”

However, he revealed that Barcelona had no involvement whatsoever in the controversy

“They are not involved in any way. Barça B did nothing. They did what they had to do [on the pitch]. If it had been me I would have done the same,” he added.

In truth, after reports have emerged that the game was fixed, it’s fairly obvious looking at some of the goals that were scored.

It doesn’t take a football expert to work out that Eldense weren’t exactly trying their best to prevent Barca from scoring.

Barcelona 12-0 Eldense highlights

Take a look at the highlights:

And, according to Marca, there have already been arrests.

They claim that Italian coach Filippo di Pierro – who has only been in charge for a couple of months – has been questioned by authorities and has been detained.

We certainly haven’t heard the end of this.

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