JBL accused of bullying in Justin Roberts’ book

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John Layfield has had an interesting run up to WrestleMania as he has had a couple of incendiary moments with the fans on the way to the big event.

As a company man, he has stepped up to protect the brand when he feels it is under fire for how they decide to do business.

Last week, he said that fans who were upset about Roman Reigns’ placement in the Mania main event against the Undertaker should stop complaining.

Layfield was of course referring to the backlash when it was announced that Reigns would be taking such a profile spot at the event.

The Big Dog was always going to have a huge role in Orlando, but the majority of the outrage came when speculation about WrestleMania 33 being Taker’s last match started spreading on the internet.

JBL proved to be spot on because the response was huge, if not entirely positive to the match. Reigns was heartily booed on RAW this week and fans of the red brand made their displeasure known online as well.

Still, the entire scene has increased attention to the superstar and more eyes are generally a good thing for programming. Even if fans are booing, they are watching intently waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now, Layfield is under fire because of accusations in Justin Roberts’ book about his time in the WWE. He claims that JBL and other blue brand stars bullied him and made life on tour extremely difficult in detail from the book discovered on Reddit.

Roberts said: “JBL would throw my bags down the street...he typically referred to me as dipshit and numbnuts despite my always trying to do a great job...every day I saw him, he asked me why I was still alive and told me to go kill myself.”

While that sounds horrible on its own, there are other accounts of Bradshaw stealing his passport while on tour and other superstars like Chris Benoit and Jamie Noble doing their part to make every day an absolute chore.

All of this hazing might have been really commonplace in past eras of wrestling, but WWE has worked very hard to eliminate this type of behaviour behind the scenes in current programming. There is no place in any work environment for these sorts of stunts.

This will do little to redeem past bullying accusations leveled at JBL in the past, but time will tell if any of this can be confirmed.

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