Conor McGregor breaks high score with lethal punch on punchbag machine

UFC 205: Press Conference

Footage has emerged of Conor McGregor beating the highest score on a punching machine.

No, really. In one swing of his famous left hand, the Irishman hammered the bag and watched as the numbers rose to a quite incredible 932.

Check it out for yourself by scrolling down this page.

Floyd Mayweather will be pleased to hear the Nevada Athletic Commission has given the all clear for a potential fight with McGregor, but he may wish to reconsider after this latest revelation.

Any potential stumbling block in a Mayweather-McGregor fight appears to have been resolved, with UFC president Dana White recently expressing his desire to finalise the details.

"I almost feel like I have to make it happen," he said.

White's change of heart will come as a surprise to many - after all, he recently said McGregor had more chance of appearing in the Super Bowl than fighting Mayweather.

As always, it seems money has spoken. White added how it would be in McGregor's best interests for the fight to go ahead.


"For him to have this kind of opportunity, to make this kind money, this type of a fight that people are so interested in worldwide, I almost feel like I have to make it," he added.

"It's a fight that people do want to see. It's intriguing and obviously it's a fight that Conor wants because financially it's going to be massive for him."

UFC 205: Press Conference

Both fighters have impressive records. Mayweather has won all 49 of his career fights, including victories over Ricky Hatton in 2007 and Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

McGregor, on the other hand, has won the UFC Featherweight Championship, UFC Interim Featherweight Championship and is the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

He has lost just three of his 24 fights in UFC.

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