Referee makes one of the most controversial decisions in UFC history at UFC 210

UFC 210 may have been about Daniel Cormier locking horns with Anthony Johnson for the light heavyweight title again for most fans, but Gegard Mousasi’s middleweight bout with former champion Chris Weidman made plenty of its own headlines.

Iranian-born Mousasi has been making his way up the middleweight standings and has a victory over Vitor Belfort to his name.

A victory over a fighter the calibre of Weidman would do wonders for his title hopes, but even he did not want it in the bizarre fashion it arrived.

In the second round, Weidman attempted to take Mousasi down and the latter caught the former in the process. With his head in a prime position, Mousasi unleashed a couple of vicious knees towards Weidman.

The ref intervened believing that at least one of the knees were illegal. In the UFC, if an opponent has both hands on the floor, they are deemed to be a ‘downed opponent’ and cannot be struck in that way.

However, upon looking at replays, it was clear that Weidman only had one hand down and the knees were good. Take a look at the video below.

In this instance, the ref has to decide whether to restart or stop the fight, based on the damage inflicted.

Despite both fighters wanting to continue, the referee called for a TKO victory for Mousasi, much to the Buffalo, New York crowd’s disapproval.

“It’s not my fault. I wanted to continue. He can have his rematch, no problem,” Mousasi said after he was declared the winner.

“I was ready to continue to fight. I think he could have continued but he was stalling a little bit. I was ready to fight, I was fighting.”

Weidman was said to be fuming backstage following the fight and did his best to apologise to the equally frustrated fans.

“I’m so sorry that just freaking happened,” Weidman said to the hostile Buffalo crowd, clearly angered by the end of the fight.

The UFC will surely do the right thing and make a rematch; do you want to see that? Let us know in the comments below.

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