Chris Paul's questionable playoff shoes get roasted by the Internet

The NBA has become an influential league over the years, with fashion being one of the areas players have a large stake in. 

Part of that reason is because the NBA has always been league where players made a statement with their fashion choices. Whether it’s how they dress into or out of games, or the accessories they wearing during them, it’s a kaleidoscope of culture.

Perhaps nothing is more important to the basketball world than shoes, though. It’s been that way for decades, perhaps becoming a staple once Michael Jordan changed the entire industry as a player with Nike. Fast forward to 2017, and… what are you even doing Jordan Brand?

Let’s break this down clean. Chris Paul has been one of the signature Jordan Brand players for years. The Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar is getting ready for the playoffs, so naturally they designed a special shoe for him. This is what they came up with:

The Internet is not for the feint of heart, and once the picture of his playoff signature shoe made its rounds around social media users roasted the … unique … shoe:

Most wondered if CP3 was in the playoffs for some other sort of employment. Perhaps as a maintenance worker, or perhaps he was even planning a trip to the moon sometime soon:

The shoes are so bad that someone suggested the Utah Jazz – who will face the Clippers in the first-round of the playoffs – will sweep LA in three games. The zinger? It’s a seven-game series. Painful:

Personally, these shoes remind me of some classic over-the-stove popcorn. Jiffypop anyone?:

They certainly aren’t the worst shoe ever, though, and to each his or her own. It’s only fair that Paul gets his own share of the Internet’s flames for questionable looking shoes. Stephen Curry gets absolutely no slack for his even-worse shoes with Under Armour,

Sweep jokes were buzzing, jokes were had, and of course it’s all in good fun. There’s no way shoes that questionable could actually cause the Clippers to lose a playoff series, right? 

Considering the jokes that always come roaring out when Paul – who’s never advanced to the conference finals – it’s only going to get worse if that happens once again. A first round exit would cement the shoes as postseason killers. 

Nothing is safe, and if you’re a star player heading into the playoffs, shoes are important. Make sure they’re social media approved before it’s too late, fellas!

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