Kurt Angle reveals when he thinks he'll return to in-ring WWE action


Kurt Angle's return to the WWE is moving full-steam ahead, with the Olympic Hero becoming RAW's general manager. 

Angle's homecoming has been one of the big post-WrestleMania events for the WWE, with Vince McMahon naming him GM immediately after. The all-world entertainer should give RAW some much-needed fresh flavor, but fans are waiting for something more.

Kurt's return to the ring is the biggest question remaining regarding his involvement with the WWE, and Angle has hinted at competing on some level several times over the past month. The latest bit of information provides some fantastic insight on where things stand. 

A return to the ring seems to definitely be on the table, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon. Angle spoke with Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. and opened up about the subject. 

"I don't know about [returning] 'soon'. I think that the general manager role is going to last a little while. I don't think they want me to go any step further than that, but you do have to keep in mind that until I take the physical [no in-ring return will happen]," Angle said.

"I don't know when it's going to occur, but I'd say it'd most likely occur. But, I'd say probably near the end of the year is what I'm guessing and I really don't know."

That makes some sense. The WWE would be smart to slow play this, letting him spend time solely as general manager before spicing things up for him as a wrestler. There's no reason to burn all of the tricks up their sleeve at the same time. 

Angle went on to say that he made it clear from the onset of his return that he'd like to see some in-ring action again, but again noted that he has to clear a physical administered by the WWE before gaining clearance.

He hasn't done that yet and doesn't sound like he's in any rush. He noted that Triple H told him they wanted to take things one step at a time, but revealed something new in the equation.

Angle believes they're making sure he's 100 percent ready to be who they need him to be.

"I really believe, and this was not mentioned by anybody, and this is my own belief, I really believe they want to see how I do. They want to see if I really am the person I say I am, that I've been staying clean for four years, that I've got my life together, that I have everything on track."

Angle has a golden opportunity in front of him, and with a decade to straighten out the issues that led to his first departure, sounds focused on proving himself a valuable commodity to the WWE once again. 

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