Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy exchange brilliant tweets ahead of NXT debut


Drew McIntyre is back with the WWE, joining the NXT brand as one of the up-and-coming wrestling talents.

Fans are excited to watch his highly-anticipated return after he continued making a name for himself through the independent circuit. The reveal of his return was a surprising one, with McIntyre unexpectedly showing up in the front row of NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

Outside of independent shows, McIntyre spent two years working with TNA, where he was one of their top workers. He won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by cashing in his feast or fired briefcase, similar to money in the bank, defeating Matt Hardy.

McIntyre's reign at the top of TNA was solid, and he's bringing some much-needed legitimacy to NXT along with him. He left TNA in February of this year during the Impact Wrestling re-brand. It's a similar path as Hardy, who also just bounced from TNA to the returning to the WWE.

Matt is just as excited as any of the fans McIntyre's built up since leaving the WWE in 2014, and decided to tweet out some words of support for his fellow TNA-returned-to-WWE wrestler:

To which McIntyre had a perfect response for:

That really was a BRILLIANT response, another tease of the "Broken" Matt gimmick fans are waiting to see. McIntyre's arrival to NXT is part of an effort to rebuild the talent that's been lost in call-ups over the past year.

Following his arrival at NXT: Takeover, the WWE interviewed McIntyre to further along his arrival. He made it clear his plan is to go straight for the NXT Championship, which makes sense. It'd be strange to see a proven talent working the low-end of NXT cards. 

The April 12 episode of NXT is a huge one for the show, with the events getting a bit of a re-brand as they focus efforts on drawing fan interest back into the developmental show. Triple H announced a new theme song, look and "feel" for NXT shows prior to it airing:

Whether all of this makes for a better product remains to be seen, but McIntyre definitely should put on some great matches for the NXT brand. He's already being touted as NXT's new "franchise player" in the preview for his first show with the company.

"As NXT Champion Bobby Roode awaits his next challenger, a new franchise player arrives to NXT," the preview reads.

Let's see if he can DELETE Roode in due time on his path back to the WWE's main roster. 

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