Video: Monica Puig performs hilarious per-training routine

  • Sayan Das

Monica Puig provided fans and viewers alike with an interesting warm-up routine prior to her latest training session. 

The 23-year-old was set to practice with aspiring college tennis player Justin Bloss, but the pair decided to take part in a round of dizzy bats. 

Needless to say, the outcome was just as expected, with both barely being able to stay on their feet. 

To Bloss’s credit, he did, in fact, manage to put a serve together even though the ball landed outside of the court. 

Puig, on the other hand, was barely able to gather the ball from the ground before tumbling onto the floor in hysterical laughter and confusion. 

The Olympic gold medalist posted a clip of the effort onto her official social media pages with the caption: “Pre-practice warm up with @justinbloss, #ROTFL …Literally.”

It’s great to see that Puig saw the funny side of things, but it’s unlikely that she would ever try something like this again, especially after a meal. 

With tennis players having to endure grueling training sessions in-between all the traveling and tournaments, this particular exercise is certain to take a toll on even the best. 

Following the spinning routine, it is unclear how much time it took Puig to get herself back together, both mentally and physically, for the actual training session. 

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The dizzy bat game isn’t a new trend, however, although it is to tennis.

You would have probably heard of dizzy penalties, where footballers spin around a ball numerous times, before trying to run up and take a penalty.

Just like Puig in her effort, a lot of footballers tend to fall over before they actually manage to hit the ball.

Puig was recently in action at the Miami Open, where she reached the doubles final, only to lose in straight sets 7-6, 6-1.

Before that, she was at Indian Wells, where she got knocked out at the round of 64 stage.

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