Didier Drogba's Ultimate Team career from FIFA 10 to FIFA 17

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Didier Drogba has moved on to the next stage of his career after joining United Soccer Leader side Phoenix Rising as a player and co-owner.

The Ivorian’s career has taken him to France, England, China, Turkey, Canada and now the United States.

It’s an interesting move for Drogba, who hasn’t played since he left Montreal Impact in November. He had offers to continue playing in the Premier League but wants to start planning for the next stage of his career.

"To own a team and be a player at the same time is unusual but it's going to be very exciting," Drogba said, via BBC Sport.

"It's a good transition because I want to carry on playing but I'm almost 40 and it's important for me to prepare for my later career."

Premier League legend

Phoenix are getting a player who, at his peak, was one of the best strikers in Europe. He scored 157 goals in 341 appearances during his first spell at Chelsea, winning three Premier League titles and the Champions League.

But Drogba hasn’t gone to the Rising to play a major role on the pitch. For him, it’s an opportunity to experience the business side of the game.

"I had offers from China, from England - in both the Premier League and even the Championship - but they were only as a player," Drogba told The Premier League Show, via BBC Sport.

"This was the right offer because it was important for me to think about playing, because I enjoy it, but also to get to the next stage of my career."

FIFA career

When Drogba does retire from the game, FIFA players around the world will despair.

The 39-year-old has possessed some brilliant Ultimate Team cards throughout the years, starting with his 87-rated card in FIFA 10 up to his FIFA 17 card, which has 85 shot power and 86 strength.

Take a look at Drogba’s 18 FIFA Ultimate Team cards from FIFA 10 through to FIFA 17.

(nb. Drogba wasn't on FIFA 13 Ultimate Team)


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Drogba will join former Chelsea and Manchester City man Shaun Wright-Phillips at Phoenix.

“I’m still a player but it’s important to respect the decision of the manager,” he added.

“When we’re on the pitch, he’s going to be the one who decides and when we go to board meetings, it’s a different thing.”

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