JBL controversy drawing so much attention people are placing bets on it

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The bully controversy that's storming around JBL is drawing huge attention, so much so that a sports book is actually taking bets on what his future with the WWE is.

Justin Roberts made significant allegations regarding JBL's bullying him and Mauro Ranallo. The WWE has tried to handle the situation gently, but the heat for JBL is turned all the way up. 

There's no indication as to how the WWE plans on extinguishing the growing fire it has on its hands, which makes for a perfect prop bet. Irish sports book Paddy Power is taking bets on whether JBL will retain his job, and the odds they have in place leaning only slightly one way. 

Paddy Power lists the odds of JBL losing his job by July 1 at 8/15, or 65 percent. That's a three-month window for the WWE to sort through the information, making it an interesting bet if you're into that sort of thing. 

The WWE, which has been focused on improving the working conditions of everyone involved with the company, is in a bad spot. It's widely believed that the bullying JBL allegedly inflicted on Ranallo caused him to fall into a downward spiral of depression. 

That's caused fans to express their disgust over the situation, with mental health awareness progressing from where it was when JBL was more like one of the boys in the locker room. The problem for JBL is the mountains of evidence that points to him being a bully off the screen.

Wrestler after wrestler has given their own story about the kind of hazing and destructive things JBL would do to them in the locker room, but these interviews were from before the recent, more severe, allegations that Roberts exposed in his book. 

It's not uncommon, especially during a wilder era in the WWE, for things like that to happen. Most of the wrestlers who spoke about it were just telling stories of their time in the locker room, not specifically looking to get JBL into hot water. 

The sheer volume of complains that are floating in YouTube videos and podcasts points to JBL being a jerk. The sports book breaking the JBL-bet ice seems to think the safe money is on Layfield being released by the company.

While this is a serious matter with Ranallo suffering from bipolar disorder, it's also fair to take a moment and think about how ridiculous the sports world can be. On the other hand, it's not all that surprising. If there are odds to make, there are bets to take. 

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