Kane says his storylines with The Undertaker were the best WWE ever told

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The wrestling universe was stunned when the WWE debuted Kane at Bad Blood, the brother of The Undertaker coming back to haunt him after he was believed to be dead.

The mere mention of it from Paul Bearer seemed unbelievable in the build up. The Undertaker burned his family alive, or so we thought, and that included his little, helpless brother Kane. 

Suddenly, there were two giants in the WWE, and a demon who terrified with silence much like The Undertaker did back in the early 90's. They battled for years, teamed up, and battled some more. Their relationship made for great television time after time. 

So great, in fact, that Kane went on record to state that the stories the WWE told with Kane and The Undertaker were the most epic tales the company ever put together.

"The fact that we were able to come in and be such fierce rivals but yet everything turned and to be able to join forces and ally with ourselves and split and come back again," Kane explained in an interview on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling.

"I've said this many times and I really believe this is true. I believe that the Kane / Undertaker story if you look at epic storytelling like Greek mythology, that is what it is. It is the best piece of epic story telling that the WWE has ever done," he went on.

The Big Red Machine was a force to be reckoned with, and as such, the WWE did a phenomenal job of making him seem indestructible while also maintaining The Undertaker's over status. When they battled there was no telling who would come out victorious.

It also made for some fascinating in-ring moments, perhaps none more so than the first-ever inferno match:

"There is a huge story arc with all of these back stories and all of these extremely powerful characters and by that I mean the personalities and to be able to make that work and work as well as it always has is just amazing.

"Hats off to Vince McMahon for being able to do that with the creative teams and his vision as well as Taker and as well as my good friend the late Paul Bearer. It was a lot of moving parts and he was always able to make them work smoothly and the finished product was beautiful."

It's hard to argue. Watching their story unfold over the years, even after the initial shock wore off that Kane was actually alive, was always fascinating. It's a dark, complex story with some great matches, along with some amazing moments.

Oh, to reminisce on the good ole' days. 

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