Re-picking the 2012 NBA Draft class

The 2012 NBA Draft looked like there would be a respectable number of contributing players throughout the class’ ranks by the time that the big night rolled around. After these five years, there are multiple-time All-Stars and a handful of champions from this draft.

Some of the teams near the top of the lottery absolutely nailed their selections, but some didn’t have quite get the results they were looking for from the talent available. Drafting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at second overall is not exactly a home-run play as a general manager.

With hindsight firmly set in, let’s look back at the 2012 Class and re-do these first selections armed with the information from the last few years of watching these players go from well-touted prospects to superstars at the NBA level.

Number One: Anthony Davis

AD stays put at number one and that is absolutely where he belongs as the reigning All-Star game MVP. He has been a monster stat machine while on the floor in New Orleans. He was a no-brainer when the draft happened and he is much the same in this re-ranking.

The Brow has been very productive with little help around him for most of his career and has only been to the postseason one time. That isn’t his fault tho as there have been injuries along with the constant threat of a stacked Western Conference every single year.

Number Two: Damian Lillard

It is absolutely fitting that Lillard was picked at number six overall in the original draft as many people thought that outstanding tournament prospects were probably a better fit for their rosters. Also, he has been constantly underrated over the course of his career.

Depending on who you ask, Dame Dolla can stand tall alongside lead guards like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry. He already has a penchant for delivering in the big moments and has been a steady scorer for his entire tenure in Portland.

Number Three: Bradley Beal

Beal was originally selected here and that seems to make sense after you consider how he currently fits with John Wall. This year he probably should have been an All-Star and his play with Wall is a huge reason the Wiz had such a huge turnaround this year.

BB was known as a stable shooter from the moment he stepped foot in Washington and he would have been a threat from anywhere behind the line. His reputation has finally raised this year with the rise to the top of the Eastern Conference standings.

Number Four: Draymond Green

The idea of Draymond Green on the Cleveland Cavaliers right now is absolutely terrifying. Dion Waiters had a decent college career and Waiters Island is incredibly fun as a gimmick among NBA Twitter accounts.

Green is an absolute all-purpose tool on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. As a Golden State Warrior, he has morphed into one of the premier perimeter defenders in the league and can stretch the floor out to the three-point line.

Number Five: Harrison Barnes

Barnes was originally selected two spots later at number seven overall. So many teams missed out on a solid forward who can shoot from deep and from the high post. Dallas thought so much of his talent that they decided to give him a max-level salary this year.

The Black Falcon was one of the players on Golden State’s 2015 Championship winning squad and he helped ensure that the floor would be spaced for the Splash Brothers. At five, he wwould have been on the Kings and hopefully would have been able to have the same impact.

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