Watch: Doc Rivers lays into reporter after the Clippers lose to Utah

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game One

Make no mistake about it, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers is a man under pressure.

With a healthy team coming into the playoffs, the experienced head coach knows he must finally prove that his team are championship contenders.

That mission got off to the worst possible start last night as the Clippers lost game one of their first-round playoff series to the Utah Jazz in dramatic fashion. 

Veteran Joe Johnson did what he does best and hit a game-winning buzzer beater to steal home court advantage for the men from Salt Lake City. 

With that play fresh in his mind, the last thing Rivers probably wanted to do was answer post-game questions. 

There was one question, in particular, however, that riled the Clippers head coach and the reporter who asked it immediately felt his wrath. 

Bleacher Report writer Eric Pincus asked Doc if he ever considered running the clock down to take the last shot of regulation as his team was down two points with about 18 seconds left. Doc wasn't having any of it and hit back.

"Who would do that? Like, why would you ever do that?" Rivers replied. "So if you miss, the game's over? That makes no sense. No, no, that is like the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Now, when you're down two, you try to score. You don't wait. No. You score. If you can score in one second, you score."

It may not have been the smartest question in the world, but it certainly wasn't completely silly, either and it's clear that Doc's frustration got the better of him on this occasion after seeing his team lose to a Jazz outfit that lost influential center Rudy Gobert to a knee injury after just 17 seconds.

Thankfully, Pincus took the whole situation in a light-hearted manner and was a good sport about it. 

Of course, the internet doesn't waste time on things like this and memes were being thrown out almost immediately after the comment. 

The Clippers now have a tough job on their hands if they are to turn this series around as Utah is a difficult place to win and they ended the regular season with the third-best defence. 

Their immediate worry, however, is to even the series and secure a win at home in game two. If Gobert is unable to return for the remainder of the series, that will be a huge break for L.A. and will boost their chances of progressing.

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