Nashville Predators mascot hilariously trolls ESPN

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators - Game Four

Entering the NHL playoffs, the Nashville Predators earned the second Wild Card spot in the Western Conference and were slated to take on the No. 1 seeded Chicago Blackhawks as a result. 

Since Nashville went 41-29-12 during the regular season for 94 points and Chicago went 50-23-9 for 109 points, the series seemed like it would be relatively easy for the Blackhawks to get through on the winning side based on what the teams did over the first 82 games.

But, the unthinkable happened and it sent the entire hockey universe into a state of shock.

After pulling off a shocking 1-0 victory in the series opener, the Predators won the next game 5-0, pulled off an overtime victory in the third game 3-2 and completed the sweep on Thursday by a lopsided 4-1 final.

The six-time Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks were eliminated in embarrassing fashion. Not many people saw that coming. 

Nashville’s mascot Gnash stole the show on Twitter after the game, when he epically trolled ESPN’s NHL “experts”, who completely wrote off the Predators and didn't pay them any attention when making their playoff predictions. 

Every single one of them picked the Blackhawks to move on to the next round, and Gnash had something to say about that.

“World Wide Leader in Sports my furry butt.” How perfect is that? 

Whoever is running that Twitter account deserves a raise. Keep reading and you'll see why. 

Gnash wasn’t done there. Tommy Hawk, the Blackhawks mascot, was next on his hit list. And he was hit with a low blow. 

Pulling up golf courses in the Chicago area was an absolutely savage, yet hilarious move. 

There are no social media fights quite like mascot battles, are there?

He then had a message for the rest of the NHL.

In all seriousness, after the game, Chicago’s players were obviously distraught at the outcome of the series. Since the franchise has had so much success in recent years, the loss was a stinging one.

"We probably all thought it was going to go a different way," Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane said after the loss. "Especially with the regular season you have. Coming into the playoffs, I think we felt pretty confident. So it's disappointing. Shocked. I don't know. It's going to be a long summer, for sure.”

Nashville will take on either the St. Louis Blues or Minnesota Wild in the second round. It remains to be seen whether or not any ESPN analysts will show them any love in the next round. If not, Gnash will be waiting by his keyboard ready to tweet out another epic roast.

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