Video: Lana's debuts controversial new gimmick at NXT House Show

The WWE was well known in the past for focussing on looks over talent when it came to the women’s division. Some could make the claim that is still happening today in the instance of former WWE United States Champion Rusev’s wife, Lana.

Lana has been by Rusev’s side since the beginning of his career, serving as his Russian translator that the men in the WWE Universe went gaga for.

Now, however, that Rusev has been sidelined due to an injury Lana has been able to focus a little more on her career as a singles competitor. She has been working over in NXT for the past several months honing her skills inside the squared circle and molding a character for when she is eventually called up to the WWE’s main roster.

The character that Lana most recently debuted at a recent NXT house show, however, may not be the most suitable for the PG audiences of RAW and SmackDown Live.

In the video below Lana can be seen in a sexy outfit doing a rather seductive dance on a chair. At one point Lana even throws her legs up in the air and splits them.

While something like this may have flown in the Attitude Era, where the WWE’s writers seemed to push the envelope nearly every week in the midst of the Monday Night Wars, the gimmick is nowhere near appropriate for WWE’s PG audience today.

Judge for yourself, as you can see Lana’s spot on the show with the new gimmick here:

The gimmick harks back to an era many thought had gone in the WWE.

Although the character may bring in ratings from adolescent males, it would also spark quite a bit of upset from the parents of younger WWE fans. Some of those sentiments were shared by members of the crowd who were in awe of what was taking place inside the ring.

It’s is highly unlikely that the character will ever see the light of day on the WWE’s main roster, as creative is most likely trying to get a feel for what they can get away with while using  ‘The Ravishing Russian.’ 

How do you feel about Lana’s new character in NXT? Will it ever be used on the main roster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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