Kevin Durant has seen the Draymond Green meme - and he loves it

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three

Kevin Durant has been lingering on the sideline since the start of the Golden State Warriors' first round series with the Portland Trail Blazers. KD looked like his old self in the performance to open the playoffs at home and the Dubs managed a 121-109 win.

For the rest of the Western Conference Playoffs’ first round, Durant has been nowhere to be found on the court. A calf injury has kept him out of the second and third games against Portland and his outlook is only slightly better heading into Game 4.

Unfortunately for the Blazers, the Dubs didn’t need Durant last year to beat them and are well on their way to being swept by them this year without the former MVP. Their prospects aren’t exactly looking great heading into the Moda Center for what could be the final game of their season.

Golden State has made do without a player of this caliber for part of the regular season, but concern remains that he might not be 100 percent for the rest of the playoffs. In spite of that, they just keep going out and finding ways to win with what they have.

One of the best moments featuring the Durantula this playoffs was a funny exchange between the star forward and his teammate Draymond Green. Dray got in KD’s ear and started whispering instructions excitedly while his teammate just kind of looked into the distance.

The Internet quickly pounced and the moment was distilled into a meme before the game even went off the air. It’s applicable to multiple situations and that didn’t stop Twitter from finding a ton of hilarious angles on what he could possibly be saying in that moment.

Durant noted that he is aware of the meme and finds it absolutely hilarious on his new YouTube series Still KD. In the episode, he is riding around with the interviewer when the meme comes up and he discusses how perfect the whole thing is.

Warriors fans can rest easy because they probably won’t need their sweet-shooting forward to topple the Blazers, but as things get more intense as the playoffs continue, there will come time where he will probably have to return to the lineup.

But for now, there are still memes to enjoy and maybe the next one can focus on what spectacular things they can do while on the court together. Only then, can the leader of the Western Conference contenders rest easy.

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