Georges St-Pierre believes that ring rust won't be a factor in title fight

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Georges St-Pierre’s upcoming bout with Michael Bisping will mark his long-awaited return to the cage for the UFC Middleweight Championship. Fans are growing steadily more excited after the four year hiatus, but now the two could tangle as early as this summer.

Details surrounding the proposed bout are still hazy and there is no hard and fast date but officials are confident we will see current middleweight champion Bisping take on the living legend. With nothing bigger on the horizon, all eyes are on this fight.

Dana White’s decision to insert St-Pierre into this position before a number of challengers that were patiently waiting in line to get their title shot has been met with skepticism in some circles and outright criticisms from other parts of the combat sports world.

The main argument made by people who want to see this fight go down is basically one that argues that the star power driving this fight will absolutely make up for whatever shortcomings it has on the surface. That is, with the provision that once it gets to the ring, it’s competitive.

Today the Hayabusa brand released a photo-shoot video of Rush and he showed off a new bulky physique that looks even bigger than in recent photos. He even took some time to field questions from Facebook followers. One large question was about “ring-rust” and if he had any.

GSP said: “I believe in ring rust. People say there’s no such thing but I believe in ring rust. It will be an issue but I’m a very experienced man. I’m one of the guys that’s spent the most time in the octagon in thee UFC, maybe the most, I’m not sure in terms of time.

“I think because I have a lot of experience, the more time I will spend as the fight goes, the more comfortable I will be.

“For me, it will be very important [at] the first second of the fight. That’s when I will have to be very aware, very careful. That will be the most dangerous moment for me because when you have ring rust, that’s the hardest part of the fight.”

He later went on to say that after a few minutes that he would be fine, but that provides for the fact that he is allowed those first couple of minutes to get his sea legs under him. Bisping has the size advantage despite GSP’s new mass.

The living legend will have to follow his own plan if he’s going to be successful in his comeback tour. If he gets caught slipping, the results could be disastrous for him.

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