Wladimir Klitschko warned about possible disqualification against Anthony Joshua


Wladimir Klitschko is in danger of being disqualified against Anthony Joshua if he adopts his 'jab and grab' tactic this weekend at Wembley.

The official appointed for the mouthwatering heavyweight encounter this weekend is American David Fields, who according to previous officials, does not take kindly to holding.

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Fields has a history of disqualifying fighters who have adopted this tactic in the past. 

The so-called 'jab and grab' tactic is technically illegal in boxing, however, is one that Klitschko has become dependent on if things are not going his way in the ring.

Former boxing referee Joe Cortez, who has experience of officiating the Ukrainian, has said ahead of the fight that the job of Fields will be to make himself clear before the fight.

Cortez said: "The referee has to take control in the dressing room - and excessive holding could lead to the fighter being disqualified.

"Those are the rules. Klitschko has to be very careful. If he has two points deducted for it, by the third time he could be disqualified. It's key that if he does do it, the referee must take points away early.

"Holding to gain an unfair advantage, just like rough tactics or pushing down, is not acceptable."

The former heavyweight champion has a habit of throwing a jab or sometimes a double jab and then if unable to land the right hand - slides within the opponents range and ties him up, weighing him down and sapping their energy. 

Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko Press Conference

This leaning on the opponent has become a signature move for the Ukrainian and helps to wear down the opponent making their counter punches less effective. 

It is no secret that many boxers down the years have used dirty tricks inside the ring in order to gain the advantage over their opponent and hope not to be spotted by the referee - these range from punching below the belt to punching the back of the head. 

"There are so many different ways of erring on the illegal and getting away with it," the former English referee Mickey Vann told reporters. 

"Trainers taught you to tread on an opponent's toes, hold. When the referee said break, you ignored him. Then he would stop you boxing and he'd give you a warning and in that time you've got your head round a bit," he continued.

Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko Press Conference

The most obvious example where Klitschko has used this tactic is against Alexander Povetkin in 2013, where he basically draped himself over his opponent and was never called up by the referee, the match has later been described as a 'cheap victory'.

Vann expects Joshua to overcome Klitschko, however, believes the tactics will be on display.

"I would expect Joshua to win, but if Klitschko is allowed to 'old man' him, he can get Joshua so frustrated that he's going to lose.

"He'll leave himself open and forget all about his game plan. If Klitschko's 'jab and grab' goes on for six or seven rounds and the referee doesn't do anything about it, there is a danger that Joshua will say 'balls to this - it's do or die'."

Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko Press Conference

The fight is a classic box office event with both fighters having massive respect for the other, a total juxtaposition to the antics ahead of the David Haye -  Tony Bellew fight.

Although, like in that fight, the underdog is in with a chance, as if Joshua is not strict and allows Klitschko to get a foothold in the fight, this could be a very intriguing contest. 

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