Reporter asks Chris Paul about potential Game 7 - his reaction is brutal

Chris Paul has been the driving force behind the Los Angeles Clippers’ efforts to salvage their series against the Utah Jazz in the first round. Even with his stellar play, the team is facing a 3-2 deficit heading back to Salt Lake City for Game 6.

After Blake Griffin seemed to pull up lame during a drive in Game 3 and had to go back to the locker room for treatment the ClipShow still seemed like they had control of the series. The following game would show them just what they were missing on offence.

In spite of all these challenges, Paul has been nothing short of fantastic in this series, he has probed the lane for weakness and exploited them as well as any point guard can. His command of tempo is second to none as his hesitation moves have left Utah defenders puzzled.

Even with him in tow, Salt Lake City is a hostile environment that will be looking forward to its first playoff series win since the days of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. A reporter asked CP3 after the game if he thought his team could bring the series back to L.A. for Game 7.

Paul looked at him incredulously and replied that of course he believed in his teammates and in his own ability, but not before getting in a rare shot at the reporter for phrasing that question in a very strange manner.

He said: “What do you think? I’m on the team. What you want me to say, no, it’s over? That’s what you want to hear? Yes. Come on, man. You’ve been doing this long enough. Seriously, right?” Paul continued, “No, I don’t know. Everybody in here laughing for a reason. Come on, man.”

It seems like the post-game press conferences after games has been very testy this year in the playoffs. Paul’s moment came days after Russell Westbrook got on a reporter for a question that he felt was unfair.

If anyone can bring his team back from being down 3-2, it is Chris Paul. He trailed the San Antonio Spurs in 2015’s first round by the same margin and came back to win the series with two straight clutch performances.

While the reporter has to do his job, you should know better than to ask CP3 about bringing a series back to Los Angeles. He’s done it before and he’ll try to do it again. Blake Griffin or no Blake Griffin.

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