Lennox Lewis is shocked by one aspect of Anthony Joshua's career

  • Sam Mudge
Boxing at Olympia London

Widely regarded as the finest heavyweight of his generation, Lennox Lewis has spoken of his shock in regards to comments made by Anthony Joshua last week.

Joshua has said that Las Vegas doesn’t hold the same appeal as it once did, and believed that the idea of fighting over in the States for the biggest bouts is outdated.

"It's like you have to go to America to get respected: no, not anymore. Come here. Come and fight us."

Lewis disagrees with that assertion and believes it is the duty of the heavyweight champion of the world to fight in these far off places and that is what AJ should do.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, Lewis stated: "I'm shocked Anthony Joshua doesn't want to fight in Vegas. That's the Mecca of boxing.

"A lot of great fights were fought in Vegas. Growing up, watching all the fights on TV - Caesars Palace, where everybody went, all the movie stars - I had to fight at Caesars Palace.

"I had to fight in New York, I had to fight in LA, I had to fight in London. Because Muhammad Ali fought in Africa, I had to fight in Africa.

"For him to say that he just wants to stay in one place, you can't be the champion of the world - champion of the world - and want to box in one place.

“You're the champion of the world, my brother."


On the uncharacteristically civil nature of the build-up to the bout, the former heavyweight boxer warned observers that what you see outside the ring is probably not a reflection of what will happen on fight night.

“Both fighters are confident, and they're good people so they get along well, but I know when they step into the ring it all changes.”

Joshua v Klitschko is reportedly the biggest fight in British boxing history, with 90,000 fight fans cramming into Wembley Stadium on April 29 to see either Joshua or Klitschko win the heavyweight title.

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