Gennady Golovkin camp confirms big news about his future

Gennady Golovkin v Daniel Jacobs

Gennady Golovkin has kept a low profile since his tougher-than-expected bout against Daniel Jacobs, leaving rumors swirling about his future.

GGG seemed to target the title strapped around Billy Joe Saunders' waist following his victory over Jacobs, but the conversation has cooled since. Saunders' promoter floated information out that Golovkin was dealing with an injury and was stalling negotiations.

Other rumors pointed to Golovkin possibly laying low while his camp focused on negotiating a deal for a megafight against Canelo Alvarez. The boxing world is converging on London, and Golovkin's promoter K2 Promotions finally put everything to rest. 

A unification match between Saunders and Golovkin in June is off the table, with K2 managing director Tom Loeffler putting an unquestioned end to speculation the two could duke it out this summer. He also explained why that's the case. 

"Gennady is not going [to] fight in June," Loeffler told Dan Rafael of ESPN.

"It was a quick turnaround after the Jacobs fight, and we would have liked to have done a fight with Billy Joe Saunders, but it was just too quick of a turnaround. So we'll see now, when Gennady is ready to fight, what the biggest opportunities are."

That second part - "what the biggest opportunities are" - is the most important piece of information to hang on to. It, once again, points to GGG's camp waiting out the outcome of Canelo's fight against Julio Chavez Jr. 

Risking either further injury to Gennady or even worse, a blemish on his undefeated record, would jeopardize a superfight against Alvarez. That's without question the biggest fight he can take at this point, and Loeffler confirmed that's their focus with June out of the picture. 

Gennady Golovkin v Daniel Jacobs

"If Canelo wins, that would be the priority. I'm still in contact with Golden Boy. I speak to [Golden Boy president] Eric Gomez probably like twice a week. We'll see what happens on May 6 and see if we can make a deal."

Alvarez winning would all but solidify that a GGG fight is the next big thing for both men, but even if he loses that's likely the case. Loeffler mentioned that they would also "love" to work out a Chavez fight if he defeats Canelo, however. 

Golovkin looks shelved until he can secure a fight against the winner of the highly-anticipated May 6 bout. Some will call it ducking Saunders, others will understand it's about making a smart business decision. Either way, GGG's immediate future is finally clear. 

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