AJ Styles and Shinuske Nakamura share a moment after SmackDown


SmackDown is in unfamiliar waters as the largest star on the brand, John Cena, is on hiatus from the WWE as he tends to other entertainment projects. Fans are eagerly waiting to see who the company can position as the next big star on their second show.

AJ Styles has continued to be a fan favourite despite not having a huge slot at WrestleMania 33 like some observers desired. He ended up facing Shane McMahon in a match that was better than expected by just about anyone.

Another possibility has presented itself in Baron Corbin, who WWE officials are reportedly very high on heading into the summer of 2017. His brash style and aggression are a hook that many engaging storylines could end up hanging on.

However, the most popular candidate for becoming the newest face of the brand is undoubtedly Shinuske Nakamura. His highly entertaining wrestling style plays very well with viewers and his previous experience at NXT has positioned him well for this jump up to the main roster.

The King of Strong Style is slated to make his highly anticipated main roster debut at the Backlash event. It has been assumed that the reason he landed on the blue brand is due to the WWE’s desire to give him a big babyface push.

Such a maneuver would have him essentially replacing Cena while he’s away attending to his multiple projects in Hollywood. This could set up a future meeting between the two superstars on The Grandest Stage of Them All next year.

Admittedly, that sounds like a great match, but there might be an even better one waiting under the creative team’s noses.That would be between Nakamura and The Phenomenal One at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.

Both of these performers have a history together as their bout at Wrestle Kingdom 10 proved to be one of the matches of the decade. Reigniting that feud would draw eyes in ways that only few matches that could be booked in that spot could.

Recently at a WWE dark match, he and Styles crossed paths on the entrance platform and too-sweeted each other as they passed. Obviously the two are on good terms, but even that is enough to get the wrestling universe talking about a possible meeting yet.

Nakamura and Styles is probably a safer bet for match of 2018 if the writers decide to go through with it. The match could arguably be one of the greatest in-ring contests WWE has ever seen as they share sizzling chemistry.

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