Jinder Mahal posts stunning photo of his physique on Instagram


2017’s biggest surpise in the WWE has to be that Jinder Mahal is the number one contender for the WWE championship. The challenger rose up from literally nowhere to become one of the most intriguing names on any of the company’s rosters.

His part in Randy Orton’s House of Horrors match against Bray Wyatt didn’t occur until the end, but his sabotage was more than enough to cement him as the most immediate threat to the WWE Champion.

Backlash will allow for the opportunity for both men to get in the middle of the ring and have it out in a knock-down drag out affair that will place the championship on the line. All of that after Jinder made off with the title before this week’s show.

By all accounts, Mojo Rawley looked like the name that would step into the number one contender position after his showing at WrestleMania 33. Winning the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at the event was a moment that garnered a lot of buzz.

Fans have speculated that the reason for this sudden push was because of the WWE’s plans to expand their operations in India. While that may play a role, as Mahal would be a huge merchandise draw in a brand new market, money is not the only reason for his rise.

Many officials within the company have pointed out that his work ethic behind the scenes and in the ring has increased considerably over the last year. The results of this physical transition are absolutely stunning and a recent post to his Instagram account confirms that.

In the picture, The Maharaja is looking absolutely jacked and his muscles are absolutely popping off the page without even using one of the program’s filters. This image is still the same man, but he has been completely transformed into what he posted.

Some observers have been skeptical of his ability to become so shredded over the past year and wonder if something is afoot. Their accusations mean little because he has passed all of the WWE’s tests and has not been flagged for anything suspicious.

He will continue to strike fear into the rest of the WWE Universe and it would not be completely crazy to believe that he could indeed upset Orton at Payback. The future is bright for the superstar and this sort of push would have been unfathomable just a year ago.

As with most things in life, making the most of your opportunities is what separates the good from the best.

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