Ex-WWE star Johnny Mundo shares how he started a riot with Rey Mysterio

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Johnny Mundo’s WWE days have passed and both sides are happy with how things have gone since his departure. The company is in the best position that it has been since the Attitude era and Mundo was very successful on Lucha Underground over the past few years.

In his time competing with the warriors in the temple, he has had the opportunity to face some very good performers. Chief among them is Rey Mysterio who was the biggest WWE star to make the leap over to Lucha Underground.

Mundo was on X-Pac’s radio show this week and he talked about one of the most memorable times that he faced off against The King of Mystery. The interview made note of the different environments with smaller promotions against the experience of a big place like WWE.

Mundo explained: “See this is the difference between AAA and WWE I was wrestling Rey (Mysterio) in a Perros Negras (Mexican Border Town)... Some dude in the first row through a can of beer at me. It hit me in the back and fell down and I was kind of standing close to him…

“WWE that guy would’ve been kicked out but this is Perros Negras… So what I did I picked the beer up and I chucked it back at the guy and it was… I’m not a very good throw but this one was a bull’s eye. I like nailed him right in the face, it blew up, it like splashed all over him and his friends.

“Four of them hopped over the guardrail and there was only like one little security guard outside that tried to hold them back. And I ran and then Rey got out of the ring and got in the way too and was trying to stop them.

“And that instigated I wouldn't call it a full blown riot but it pretty much started raining beers and coins and like water bottles and cups and they called the match and told me to get out of there.”

That story is absolutely insane and an example of what can happen in some of the stranger promotions away from the WWE. Dangerous situations can present themselves at any point in a tiny venue with one security guard.

Thankfully, the temple has better security when they compete there.

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