Nate Diaz slams the potential McGregor vs Mayweather fight

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Nate Diaz has been laying low for the better part of a year now and the Stockton native feels absolutely fine with that decision. He beat Conor McGregor once and lost on a narrow decision the second time, now he waits for a big fight of his own.

This strategy has landed him squarely on the same page as his rival as Notorious waits to take on Floyd Mayweather in the massively-hyped fight of the century. Even though no details have emerged yet, both sides are hopeful that this bout can become a reality before long.

He went on The MMA Hour to discuss what he sees for himself in the fight game and where he stands on a possible round three with his rival. The Californian also came off critical of the entire idea of McGregor as a boxer and dismissed the notion of it being a real fight.

Diaz said: “For one, I never said I was waiting for a third fight with Conor McGregor. I never said that. People think what they wanted and said that I wanted another fight with Conor. I already whipped Conor’s f*ckin’ a**. He should want a fight with me. I gotta light a fire up under his a**?

“I’m the two-time world champ, because I whipped his f*cking a** after he fought Jose Also and I whipped his a** right before he fought Eddie Alvarez. And he knocked these guys out and everybody seems to have forgot what happened. It just went away?

“If Floyd beats Conor, who the f*ck gives a sh*t? I already whipped Conor’s a**. So you beat the guy I beat up. If Conor beats Floyd, then the guy whose a** I whipped just beat Floyd Mayweather. And it’s great. So I’m calling their bluff. Make the fight happen already, let’s see this sh*t pop off.”

In that last bit of frustration Diaz sounds like most of the fighting world when it comes to the proposed super fight between his biggest rival and the man who basically never loses. He wants to see two giants throw down just as much as any of the rest of us do.

Both men refuse to budge when discussing the purse for this fight and both want the A billing. Money and logistics are the real holdups, but fighters waiting out this storm are losing out too as Diaz and Tony Ferguson are the biggest malcontents on the scene right now.

Until the fight happens, there will be no pleasing anyone. In essence, everyone loses.

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